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Thanks for stopping by OurSongsRadio. Here you can listen to all of the songs we have written, and it's FREE!  Please spread the word and feel free to email us and sign our Guestbook.  If you're a company or an artist looking for songs you can check out our various  Genres, Enjoy!

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Welcome to Our Songs Radio, a collection of original songs written by Jan Petter Ringvold and Colleen McFarland Ringvold, including additional songwriting contributions by seasoned songwriters, including David Olney, John Hadley, Dave Gibson, Billy Falcon, Tom Ege,

Mare Wakefield, Johnny B. Rose, Out Of State Plates, Harry Sagstuen, Henning Hartung,

Morten A. Raddum, Crew22, D. Tufte and Mark Allen.

We hope you’ll enjoy listening to these great songs. We welcome your feedback.

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